Business documents play a pivotal role in establishing, structuring, and regulating the core efficiency of any enterprise, irrespective of the industry. Success in streamlining processes and reducing costs ultimately hinges on the creation, distribution, and processing of transactional documents like invoices, purchase orders, approvals, and acknowledgments.

Regrettably, the traditional paper-based approach to document creation and delivery comes burdened with substantial costs, persistent inefficiencies, errors, and limited adaptability. Many organizations continue to bear these document management expenses, often likening them to a bitter pill to swallow. However, there is a viable alternative: electronic forms. Our expertise lies in the development, distribution, and management of electronic forms.

Public sector organizations, in particular, heavily rely on forms to engage with a diverse range of constituents, including citizens, businesses, internal units, and other government agencies. Their primary challenge in forms automation stems from catering to constituents with varying levels of digital proficiency and access. While some constituents readily embrace electronic forms, others are compelled to navigate paper-based processes due to digital connectivity limitations. Consequently, public sector entities often require forms that seamlessly transition between paper and electronic formats, serving a consistent look and feel.

Moreover, these forms frequently need to traverse between paper and electronic formats during government processes, from initial submission by constituents and customers to archiving. Unfortunately, this transition often lacks a streamlined data processing approach or automated, coordinated data flow downstream.

Value Proposition

At Harris Grant Consulting, we provide a comprehensive value proposition to help agencies tackle their most pressing challenges. Our end-to-end electronic forms solutions are industry-leading and designed to seamlessly integrate with your business processes.

Best-of-Breed Electronic Forms Solutions: We offer the industry’s best-of-breed electronic forms solutions, delivering a holistic approach that covers everything from form creation to data lifecycle management. Our expertise in this area is second to none.
Trusted Adobe Industry Partner: As a trusted Adobe Industry Partner, we provide cutting-edge software combined with target solutions tailored to address complex government business problems. We specialize in Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Legacy Adobe LiveCycle Forms environments, making the transition from traditional paper forms to dynamic PDF and mobile web forms effortless.
Real Returns on Investment: We recognize the compelling value of digitally transforming the data capture process, transitioning from the traditional forms-based approach to a guided, “Turbo-Tax-like” experience. This transformation is not just advantageous; it offers tangible, hard-dollar returns on investment. It can:

  • Decrease Time to ROI: Our solutions are designed to deliver results faster, helping you see a return on your investment more quickly.
  • Reduce “Not-in-Good-Order” Rates: By eliminating bad data, our solutions enhance data accuracy and efficiency.
  • Cut Back-Office Personnel Needs: You’ll require fewer staff for double-keying data, reducing labor costs.
  • Minimize Request-In-Progress Inquiries: Our solutions streamline processes, reducing the number of inquiries about the status of ongoing requests.

End-to-End Solutions: We consider the entire business process from start to finish, ensuring our solutions address your comprehensive needs. Moreover, our solutions are fully accessible and Section 508 compliant, providing inclusivity for all users.

At Harris Grant Consulting, our value proposition revolves around offering the best electronic forms solutions, expert guidance, and a clear path to real, measurable returns on your investment. We’re your partner in achieving seamless digital transformation and improved efficiency in government operations.

Solution Description

Harris Grant Consulting provides the following to help agencies efficiently transition from paper-based forms management to fully compliant electronic forms management. Our solution is based on delivering the following.

Establish measurable business goals

It is critically important to define the specific business benefits you expect your forms projects to deliver. This may sound obvious, but many projects fail because this. Goals are specific and measurable, with time frames established.

Ensure business goals drive functionality

Just as electronic forms projects must be driven by business goals, so must every form decision. If a form doesn‘t directly help your agency better serve customers and deployment schedule. 

Minimize customization by leveraging out-of-the-box functionality.

Customization is often the costliest, time-consuming, and complex component of an electronic form project. Keeping projects with in a reasonable scope and leveraging  the out of the box can reduce the need for customization and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Use State-of-the-art eForms software

Selection of your eForms software provider is one of the most important decisions you will make. We provide the industry-leading Adobe Experience Manager Forms software. Cloud-ready or available on premise for all major platforms, AEM provides an industry leading, quality foundation.

Actively involve end users in solution design perspective.

Unless you solicit and act on end user input, you run the risk of implementing forms that only address one or two workflow issues while missing the larger picture. Forms serve many functions. Effective forms consider the needs of workflow, container, data, and image. Each user may have a different perspective.

Use a phased rollout schedule

We have found that most successful electronic forms programs follow a phased deployment schedule. Enterprise-enabled forms gives users an opportunity to become familiar with how to access and use forms, while delivering a low-cost and immediate benefit to the Agency.

Invest In training to empower and users

We provide training that not merely focuses on demonstrating how to use the software‘s features and functionality but emphasizes what the form automation means to them. Whenever possible and practical, we consider retaining the look and function of the paper version of the form to reduce user anxiety and learning curve. Electronic forms contain many features that provide help to the end user. We take advantage of these features can significantly improve acceptance of the overall program.

Measure, monitor, and track

Once the enterprise forms program goes live, we establish a program to measure, monitor, and track user acceptance, workflow improvements, and effectiveness with an eye to continuously improving the program’s effectiveness.

Management & Support

We provide a full suite of management and support options. This includes Project Management, operational and user support to knowledge transfer and training for sustaining the solution with your own staff.

Why Harris Grant Consulting?

Harris Grant Consulting, an Adobe Industry Partner, has a proven understanding of the USDA and its Agencies environments and processes.  We have a proven record of delivering real solutions, not shelf-ware, using tested methodologies specifically tailored to meet your needs.

We have found that successful “eForms” implementations need to focus on four areas: Data Quality, Usability. Compliance, and Process Mobility.   We provide secure, compliant solutions that allow accurate capture of data, designed around easy-to-use approaches whether from your desk or in the field with your mobile device.  We provide consulting services that identify the most practical options for eForms management integration including with major enterprise content management systems. We are committed to work with your team to build solutions to ensure optimal functionality, performance and user experience.

Improved Process Efficiency

  • Accelerate data entry by pre-populating data.
  • Data validation on entry
  • Automatically triggering other parts of the process and sending notification emails

Enterprise Scale-UP

  • On-line, off-line, and mobile forms
  • Organizational Readiness Prep and Training.
  • User Adoption Management.
  • Measure, Monitor, and Track built into the solutions.

Operations & Mangement

  • Security
  • Integration with other systems and repositories.
  • Compliant, audited processes.
  • Process Automation.
  • Application Maintenance.

Past Performance