Requirements Development

Acquisition Requirements Development process area includes three specific goals. Develop Customer Requirements specific goal addresses eliciting and defining a set of customer requirements. The Develop Contractual Requirements specific goal addresses defining contractual requirements that are based on customer requirements and are included in the solicitation package and supplier agreement. The specific practices of the Analyze and Validate Requirements specific goal support the development of the requirements in the first two specific goals. The specific practices associated with this specific goal cover analyzing and validating requirements with respect to the acquirer’s intended environment.

We at HGC, offer coaching and consulting to helping our customers acheive requirements development needs.

Market Research

Market research is conducted to determine if commercial products, commercial services, or non developmental items are available to meet the Organization needs. Market research is a continuous process for gathering data on product characteristics, suppliers’ capabilities, and the business practices/trends that surround them — plus the analysis of that data to make smart acquisition decisions. We at HGC, offer services to conduct market research for our customers to arrive at a well informed decision on product or vendor services selection.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposal evaluation is an assessment of the proposal and the offeror’s ability to perform the prospective contract successfully. At HGC, we offer services that evaluates competitive proposals and then assess their relative qualities solely on the factors and subfactors specified in the solicitation.