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Prepare In Advance

The digital accessibility market is experiencing rapid growth due to the substantial market segment excluded by inaccessible websites and the persistent legal risks associated with non-compliant content. At Harris Grant Consulting, we are committed to helping businesses and organizations achieve ADA and Section 508 compliance across their digital platforms. Please read on to understand the importance of digital accessibility and how our services can help you achieve compliance and inclusivity.

Market Size & Legal Risks

Inaccessible websites and digital documents exclude a significant market segment and expose businesses to potential legal risks. The number of ADA website law legal actions is rising, affecting various sectors, including local governments, schools, bars, restaurants, hospitals, and banks. Our ADA remediation process helps ensure businesses are compliant.

508 Remediation & Content Remediation

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandates federal agencies to provide people with disabilities equal access to electronic and information technology. This covers computer hardware, software, networks, and electronic devices, including websites, apps, and documents. Section 508 is distinct from the ADA, but they share a common spirit of inclusivity.

Understanding Section 508

Achieving 508 compliance involves making electronic and information technology accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 standards. This includes documents, websites, mobile apps, and hardware. Our team is dedicated to helping your business meet these standards by implementing and testing against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA.

Accessibility Support

Accessibility Assessment

Our team conducts thorough accessibility audits to evaluate your website or digital platform. We assess your design, content, navigation, and multimedia to identify barriers and compliance gaps. Our comprehensive assessment provides detailed reports with recommendations for improving accessibility.

Website and Application Remediation

We offer professional remediation services to address accessibility issues identified during the assessment phase. Our experts ensure that your website or application adheres to Section 508 standards, making it compatible with assistive technologies and inclusive for all users. We address barriers related to navigation, forms, images, multimedia, and more.

Testing and Ongoing Support

We strongly believe in involving users with disabilities throughout the testing process. Our user testing and feedback services provide valuable insights from individuals who navigate the digital world with diverse abilities. We gather feedback, uncover usability issues, and iterate on designs to create an inclusive experience that meets users’ needs

Training and Education

To empower your team with accessibility knowledge and skills, we offer comprehensive training and educational programs. Our workshops, webinars, and online courses are tailored to meet the needs of developers, designers, and content creators. By educating your staff on accessibility best practices, we foster a culture of inclusivity within your organization.

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By partnering with Harris Grant Consulting, you can

  • Ensure your digital platforms are inclusive and accessible to all users.
  • Minimize legal risks associated with ADA and Section 508 non-compliance.
  • Enhance your web accessibility statement and boost your brand reputation